Ana, InterVarsity
Ana moved back to Houston in July 2016 after 12 years of serving college students in South Texas. Now, she serves students closer to home. She grew up at Calvary and learned about God’s heart for the world and for his people. More ...
Daniel DeJesus, An Energetic Evangelist
Daniel and Marlene DeJesus are a precious family, full of faith and confidence in the Lord Jesus. They live what they say. Daniel effectively and compassionately gives away the love of Christ to those in prison, to ex-offenders who are transitioning More ...
David Carter
David Carter, Release the Kingdom Ministries
David Carter continues to impact youth in Fort Bend County and Brazoria County. David’s ministry is called Release the Kingdom Ministries. The ministry at Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention Center, the Fort Bend Boot Camp.... More ...
Eldridge web 2011
Eric and Wendy Eldridge, Beyond and Eden Women's Ministries
Eric and Wendy Eldridge both serve with Beyond, in their Worldwide Headquarters in Plano, Texas. Wendy is also managing the USA operations for Eden Women’s Ministries. More ...
Gene and René Haub, FamilyLife
Destroy a marriage ... destroy a family. Destroy a family ... destroy a legacy. When you destroy enough marriages, families, and legacies, you destroy a nation! You already know this from personal experience ... when a family succeeds or fails More ...