Eric & Wendy Eldridge, Beyond & Eden Women's Ministries

As many of you know, Wendy and I (Eric) joined Mission to Unreached Peoples back in 2002 and spent our first 6-years in China, followed by our time back here in Texas. Our missions organization is called Beyond

This name for the organization emphasizes that our vision is to go beyond what we have done before as an organization and beyond what other Christians have already started among challenging unreached peoples. We are thrilled for our God-given name. It is a mandate--it is an INVITATION. It focuses us beyond ourselves personally and organizationally. It focuses us beyond where the Gospel has already been. It focuses us on God’s amazing ability to go beyond all we can ask or imagine. It invites new missionaries. It invites advocates who champion the cause of reaching unreached people groups to know we welcome their partnership. It indicates a commitment to constant innovation and freshness. It pushes us beyond old patterns that do not change societies from within.
I encourage you to check out our new website at And, be sure to also check out our exciting new video at our website's homepage and also at This new video does a great job explaining in a very intimate way what Beyond is about.  We thank you for your support and your prayers for our ministry! 

Wendy is managing the USA operations for Eden Women’s Ministries which Wendy co-founded in 2003. The jewelry business has grown since its inception in 2005. God has brought many new customers, resellers, and partners to Eden to help develop this Business as Mission platform. There are now workshops in two different cities in China with over 40 girls employeed. They have branched out into other nations. Wendy returns to China often to minister to the girls, engage with local operations staff, and encourage the workers of the ministry.





Eric & Wendy Eldridge Update:

Three of our four kids are doing well in college with two at Texas A&M and one at Letourneau. Our youngest (Mitchell) is enjoying his senior year in High School and will be entering college next year. How fun it will be to have four kids in college at the same time!

Eric has been supporting Act Beyond's marketing, communications, and social media efforts over the past three years. However beginning in November 2015, Eric is shifting to setup some new management systems for the organization. He will be focusing on providing better management tools for areas such as donor management, recruiting, HR, help desk, and more. These are all areas where Act Beyond is in great need to modernize. 
Here's an update from Eden Ministry:
God has given us the vision to double or triple the number of girls we bring in from the red light districts of Asia. We met as a team recently in Asia to discuss and prepare for this. We are looking into larger shelters and workshop space. At the meeting, we restructured our business, built better infrastructure and implemented policies and best practices. We reinforced the vision that we are first to save souls and make disciples in the red light districts of Asia, we are not just an anti-trafficking ministry.
God has shown much favor on our Myanmar site. He has given them favor with the local Myanmar government.  Rather than arresting the trafficked girls (like they do in other countries for immigration violation), the government is now sending these girls to our shelter. Our shelter is now maxed out in Myanmar. We are looking for funding to grow the shelter.
We are also working with World Vision to repatriate trafficked Cambodian girls in China back to Cambodia. Not getting much help from the embassy, the Cambodian girls have turned to us and World Vision to help them get back to their country. The girls are housed in our shelter until all the paper work is approved. Back in Cambodia, another ministry receives the girls and follow up with ministry and counselling.
We have had 4 babies born to our shelter and staff in the last few months. It was a joy to stay in the shelter eat and live with the team and feel the community and family environment.


Hi Friends and Partners in the work,
Thank you for your faithful support in prayers and your encouraging notes. If not for that, I wonder how much worse things would be. As it is, we are inconvenienced but not harmed. To add to the long list of things that went wrong,  Eric was an hour ago hit in the rear, plunging his car forward into the car in front, totaling his car. His adrenaline is still running; he at present cannot see any bodily harm.
Yet, the victory from last week was very sweet. The retreat went without a glitch. I am in awe of how God orchestrated changes in our schedule and planning to perfect this trip. Every girl that came to the retreat was touched by a word from our Lord; We had extended individual ministry time and prayed for half the girls at the retreat. The dresses we brought with us were pre-ordained by God – matching even shoes and bras (Not everyone wears baby blue bras everyday) that the girls came with. (Thank you, all you who have donated dresses for this event!) The team building time helped resolve some issues and brought the girls closer as a body.

While our team ministered to the kindergarten children from the shelter, I was released to take care of business, meeting with our new business consultant, working on pricing models, website redesign, catching up with workshop production issues and even had time to do some product sourcing, resulting in about 20 new tentative product designs for a specific customer – He multiplies the time.
So what if the plane’s engine blew on takeoff resulting in a 43 hour journey to China, cancelled hotel rooms, searching for new hotels, 4 days of lost luggage, 30 people with hotel reservations rescheduled for the retreat,  losing team members in China, screaming baby as a seat mate for 14 hours, loss of all spending money for the team, missing laptop and then a cracked screen…. these are all inconveniences that each on hindsight worked for good to His glory. There was a solution for all the obstacles.
I am not sure if you all got to watch this short testimony about Eden. This is what you have signed up to partner with:
Do continue to pray for my unbelieving father as I spend the next few days here with him in Singapore; and pray covering over my family and children. (They take the PSAT test tomorrow.)
Bless you for your prayers and partnership with us!