About Calvary Missions

Extending the kingdom: Calvary seeks to actively demonstrate kingdom principles beyond our walls to our community and the world. We desire to proclaim and demonstrate God's kingdom through varying arenas including intercession, spiritual warfare, evangelism, missions, and an expression of apostolic and power ministries. Our desire is to know the heart of God, declare his kingdom on earth, and actively prepare for Christ to rule and reign.

On Mission: God wants us to get in on what he is doing, to bless what he is doing. He is moving in the earth. Christ first calls us to draw near to him, to follow him, and to cooperate with his working in and through our lives (Matthew 4:19, 9:35-39; Philippians 2:12-13). Then, the love of Jesus propels us into the harvest fields of our neighborhood, city, region, nation, and world (Matthew 9:35-38, 10:1-8; Luke 9:1-2, 10:1-2; Acts 1:8). Out of intimacy with Jesus, we are moved to touch others. Under the empowering of God's Spirit, we are enabled to serve God's purposes in the earth.

How can you get involved? God wants us to support his cross-cultural work, including ministry to the nations overseas. What can you do to see the desire of Christ fulfilled in the earth?



Calvary Missions supports various ministries and missionaries who serve to reach people groups throughout the earth. They need your prayer and financial support. If you would like to financially or prayerfully support one of the missionaries below, please click here for our online giving page. Also, please send an email to, informing that your gift is for a specific missionary or missionaries. You may also give at one of our worship services. Please make your check payable to Calvary Missions, place it in a giving envelope, indicate which team member or mission trip you wish to bless, and place it in the offering basket. Or, you can print out the Missionary Support Card below, fill in the information, use a credit card or enclose a check, and mail it back to Calvary.


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Touching the Poor

God's heart is towards the poor. Jesus declared that he had come to proclaim good news to the poor (Luke 4:18). In Deuteronomy, God declares that "there will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land." Touching the poor is a necessary precursor to revival, according to Isaiah 58.

Calvary Missions sows into the ministry of touching the poor in many tangible ways. We partner with Somebody Cares Houston (Doug Stringer), BCAM, and other organizations, which are involved in compassion ministry as a way to transform lives. InnerChange Freedom Initiative is a discipleship program and after care ministry targeted to prisoners. IFI touches and changes lives through the power of Jesus Christ.

Calvary is also involved globally in touching the poor through our relationships and partnerships with different ministries. Activities which Calvary Missions supports would include helping the poor through disaster relief, touching the lives of orphans and children in Guatemala and Latvia, and supporting, encouraging, and training church leaders and pastors.

Mission Trips

Part of our assignment at Calvary Missions is to help people get to the mission field via short-term trips. Occasionally, Calvary Missions will sponsor such a trip. We also recommend other ministries like Teen Mania, and YWAM, for example, as avenues for participating in short-term missions trips.

In order to participate on a trip with other ministries, please contact that ministry directly or check their web site.

To go on a missions trip with Calvary, the best advice is to "be prepared." Although each trip demands special preparation (which will be announced with the trip promotional packet), the following guidelines will help you to lay a general foundation of preparedness for going on a trip with Calvary Missions, so that you can respond quickly as the Lord opens doors of opportunities:
  • Get your passport as soon as possible.
  • Complete Foundations for Power Ministry and Ministry Team Training Part One. (Contact the church for seminar dates or check the conference information on our web site.)
  • Pray about where the Lord would have you to go on a trip.
  • Start saving now in order to have funds to travel with or to invest in others. Remember that giving for missions is over and above your regular tithe. Also, along the way, we will equip you in how to raise financial and prayer support to supplement your own resources.
  • Stay abreast of trip announcements via Calvary's web site, announcement sheet, missions updates, etc.
  • Let Calvary's Missions Coordinator know that you are interested in going on a trip.
  • Complete a trip application packet as soon as the trip is announced.

Some of our trips come together rather quickly, so following these steps will prepare you to enter the process for being considered as a potential missions team member.