At What Cost?

Recently, Pastor Steve received an email that spoke directly to his heart. Our faith in God and our devotion to God must be deep enough, strong enough, and real enough to shine in today’s world. This message confronts us with a question we each need to ask of our own lives….What if…

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Calvary's Decision-Making and Administrative Process

Here is a graphic that illustrates how we make major decisions and carry them out at Calvary:

Decision Process (367.8KB)



Connection Cards and Giving Envelopes

Recently, we launched some changes that will help us to care for members and reach out to our guests. The following notes are an excerpt from Pastor Steve's message on Sunday, August 14. These notes are meant to give an overview of our new ministry of First Responders and to introduce our new Connection Card. These notes are partial; they are intended to give you some basic understanding of what we are doing and why. Please download and listen to the entire message from our website to get the complete picture. Click here to read more



Deacon Qualifications

Here is a list of qualities that need to be considered in our deacon selection process. Please return all nominations to the church office by January 25th, 2015.

The current deacons are: Steve Buckles, Joel Graves, Doug Meriwether, Tom Petry, Keith Ressler, Fred Smalley, Tom Ticer,
Pat Weed, & Magan Yarbrough

The current elders are: Gary Busch, Mike Green, Jay Kelley, Jeff McGee, and Steve Meeks

Deacon Nominations (79.9KB)