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Expectant Faith - Part 3 (download)
Joshua Rushing, 2/18/2018
Expectant Faith - Part 2 (download)
Jeff McGee, 2/11/2018
Expectant Faith - Part 1 (download)
Jeff McGee, 2/4/2018
Manifestations Of The Holy Spirit - Part 2 (download)
Steve Meeks, 1/28/2018
Manifestations Of The Holy Spirit (download)
Steve Meeks, 1/21/2018
The More of God - Part 4 (download)
Steve Meeks, 1/14/2018
Word for 2018: Expectation (download)
Jeff McGee, 1/7/2018
Th Christmas Story (download)
Steve Meeks, 12/31/2017
Jesus Is God With Us (download)
Jeff McGee, 12/24/2017
The More of God - Part 3 (download)
Steve Meeks, 12/10/2017
Joshua Generation - Part 7 (download)
Jeff McGee, 11/26/2017
Joshua Generation - Part 6 (download)
Jeff McGee, 11/19/2017
Joshua Generation - Part 5 (download)
Jeff McGee, 11/12/2017
Joshua Generation - Part 4 (download)
Jeff McGee, 11/5/2017
Joshua Generation - Part 3 (download)
Jeff McGee, 10/29/2017
Joshua Generation - Part 2 (download)
Jeff McGee, 10/22/2017
Joshua Generation - Part 1 (download)
Jeff McGee, 10/15/2017
Living In A Broken World With Broken People (download)
Jeff McGee, 10/8/2017
The Helping Hand of God (download)
Steve Meeks, 9/24/2017
The Rewards of Fasting (download)
Jeff McGee, 9/17/2017
 Sermon Notes 
Expectant Faith Part 2: Acknowledging God’s Supernatural Presence and Activity Among Us (2'11'18) (209.1KB)
Expectant Faith Part 1: God's Part and Our Part (2'4'18) (538.5KB)
Manifestations Of The Holy Spirit (134.5KB)
Word for 2018: Expectation (1'7'18) (517.9KB)
Jesus is God with us (12'24'17) (641.4KB)
Sharing The Fame And Name Of The Lord Around the World (101.3KB)
Joshua Generation Part Eight: A Day of Renewal of Commitment (12'3'17) (100.2KB)
Calvary Prophetic Words (613.2KB)
Joshua Generation Part Seven: Lessons Learned in Battle and on the Journey (11'26'17) (195.3KB)